What is Fabletics

Fabletics is a online subscription box that sells high quality women’s and mens athletic clothes and gear. The company was co founded by Kate Hudson who is a famous actress as well as an avid runner and exerciser. Kate wanted a brand of work out clothes that were everything that she was looking for. She wanted high quality so you can actually work out in them, she wanted affordable prices so anyone can use them and she wanted it to be very convenient so even the busiest of men and women could get them, and so Fabletics came about.

Fabletics has been around for a few years now. It is very simple to use. You simply visit their website and take a very short quiz. The quiz helps Fabletics determine your size, the kinds of exercises you enjoy doing as well as the colors and patterns you enjoy wearing. After using the quiz to determine your tastes they then do all of the work. They begin custom creating an outfit that works for you and your needs. Once the outfit is finished they mail the outfit to you with free shipping included. They will typically send a tracking number so you can track your order online. After 1-2 weeks your new workout outfit arrives ready to be used.

From then on every month a new custom picked outfit will arrive at your door with free shipping. If you decide to longer use the service you can simply skip a month or cancel the membership anytime before the 5th of the month with no penalties and no hassles. Simply visit their website or call the customer service number provided and you can skip or cancel at anytime. Should you skip or cancel you can still restart the membership at anytime and begin receiving a box every month again. Fabletics is a easy quick way to get good quality work out gear at a very affordable price. And possibly the best thing about Fabletics is you can use the clothes for more than just working out because they are so comfortable and stylish to wear.