Top Three Most Beautiful Churches in Minnesota

  1. Cathedral of St. Paul, St. Paul

It is evident that this is one of the most beautiful churches and most attractive buildings in Minnesota. The magnificent structure is situated at the top of summit Hill facing downtown. It was constructed in the early 1900s, and it is the third largest church in the US. The outstanding building was modeled after French Churches in Paris, and for that reason, it features French renaissance and classical themes. Visit to know more.

  1. Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis

The structure of this church was constructed in the early 1900s, and its idea was inspired by the Baroque and Beaux-Arts architecture. The interior of the church is incredibly decorative and magnificently detailed. Besides, the church organizes and holds music festivals on grounds every summer know as Basilica Block Party. The mission of the party is to raise funds for the church and local charities.

  1. Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, New Ulm

The magnificent structure displays a design of Baroque-style of architecture, and it has a clock tower at the peak of its dominant steeple and white trimmed red brick structure. The inside is similarly remarkable with an apse that features the 12 disciples of Jesus and his angels. You will also come across gold-trimmed columns in the nave. The building was built in 1896, and unexpectedly it is not recorded as one of the historical places. Watch this video on Youtube.

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