The Team at EOS Lip Balm Launches Another Exciting Line of Products

Evolution of Smooth continues to surpass its competitors by creating new and innovative products. They recently launched a new line of crystal lip balms, which they chose to introduce on popular social media sites. These balms come in adorable egg-shaped containers, which are a bit more triangular than their rounder counterparts. Instead of being colored like their other lines, the balms in the crystal line are completely clear. Like the other lines of lip balms from EOS, these crystal balms are made with ingredients designed to help hydrate and soften lips, see it here at They are also categorized as vegan and do not contain any wax so they always glide on smoothly.

When the founders of EOS decided to enter the lip balm market, they knew they were going up against some well-established brands. They also knew these brands had not changed the design of their balms in more than a hundred years. This was the type of insight they needed to break into the market with a new and exciting product. The first task they undertook was to redesign the current container so it would appeal to today’s millennial generation. Until EOS launched their spherical shaped orbs, traditional lip balms were contained in cylindrical tubes, buy here!

They also chose to reinvent the balm itself by enhancing it with color. In keeping with the objective of upgrading their balms to align with today’s contemporary consciousness, they also chose to use natural plant extracts in their formulas. The new EOS line of crystal lip balms come in varieties such as Hibiscus Peach. This balm is made with the natural softening properties found in Shea butter, coconut oil and avocado oil. It also contains extracts from both the hibiscus and peach plants. Although the balm itself is clear, the egg-shaped container comes in a pleasing shade of lavender.

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