The Natural Smoothness of EOS Lip Balms

The internet offers a variety of ways to get smooth and soft lips. These suggestions range from rubbing sugar on your lips to using baking soda. However, an easier way to get soft lips is the use of appropriate lip balms. This article will discuss why the Evolution of Smooth lip balms is your best option.


EOS Lip Balms

EOS currently retails over 1 million units every week. That figure is quite impressive for a company that is barely a decade old. So, the question is, what does the EOS lip balm offer that we could not get in the previous cylindrical chapsticks?

The EOS lip balms stand out for several reasons. First, this lip balm is round and colorful, unlike the standard cylindrical design that was seen in lip balms before. The lip balms are also 95% organic, 100% natural, and they contain Shea butter and jojoba oil.

The flavors of the EOS lip balms include passion fruit, strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, sweet mint, honeysuckle honeydew, and pomegranate raspberry. The choice of a flavor is dependent on your personal taste.


Why Use EOS Lip Balms?

  1. i) They are available in a number of flavors. This way, you get to pick a flavor you prefer.
  2. ii) These lip balms are natural and organic and do not contain petroleum. The absence of petroleum means that the lip balm does not absorb moisture from your lips, hence maintaining and enhancing their natural smoothness.

iii) The round design of the lip balm means that it easily glides over the lips effortlessly.


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Get your EOS lip balm today and enjoy the natural smoothness and variety of flavor of the lip balm. It is the perfect alternative to other products that have been on the market for long but which are ineffective or cause unwanted issues.

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