The Importance of Call Monitoring Technology in Correctional Facilities

PR Newswire ran an article on the importance of harnessing and controlling access to mobile phones. I had never put much thought into it before, but I realized how broad of access my cell phone gives me and how much damage could be done if someone wanted to do something mischevious with a phone, especially if that person was incarcerated or being held in jail for a crime awaiting a trial.


Securus Technologies is protecting us all from that threat by offering technology that puts correctional officers and law enforcement in the drivers seat when it comes to mobile phone access. People often sneak in phones and Securus Technologies seeks out those phones, locates them and can also block those phones from being able to access any WiFi networks.


On the flip side, the company also offers fully monitored and tracked telephone service to over 1 million inmates across the United States. Records of these calls can help correctional officers monitor for any possibly criminal activity or anything else unseemly. For instance, in the PR Newswire article mentioned above, one client wrote in that Securus Technologies monitored a call where an person in jail that was about to stand trial was calling his brother – who had no criminal record and was an overall stand up citizen – and continually coaxing him to lie on the stand, which would have helped him go free. The recording was given to the attorney who was able to use it as evidence to put the man behind bars for good.


There were many powerful testimonials, and the article said there were thousands more. A good example I saw of how powerful call monitoring was stated that the calls monitored turned up information that led to the discovery of inmate drug use, drug sales, alcohol use and sales, past incidents involving gunfire and even a phone call where an outside person blatantly admitted that he was selling prescription pills.