The Immense Success Of Lime Cime

The Cosmetic Industry is one of the world’s largest, most profitable, and popular industries of today. It is literally flooded with great, good, and not so good products like any other field of work. Though there is a lot of variety to choose from since there are thousands of products, this field can become bland at times because many of the companies tend to use the exact same colors. This is where Lime Crime comes into the picture and since it’s birth back in 2008, the cosmetic industry has been shaken up for the better. This exclusive brand is a game changer as it offers the general public much more variety thanks to it’s wide array of colors. Blended colors are some of the most eclectic hues on earth as they’ll tend to set the user apart from all other competitors. Types of colors? Well, Lime Crime goes the extra mile by giving users deep pigmented colors such as Wicked (deep red), Utopia, Lana (burnished bronze), Black Velvet, Shroom (light bronze), Rave (hot pink), Red Velvet, Faded (light pink), Cashmere, Riot, Pansy (vivid purple), and many more


Company Founder and CEO Doe Deere has revolutionized the game. She’s implemented her very own sense of style right into her very own products. After starting out as a small independent company on Ebay as she produced and modeled her own products, Deere knew that she had to separate from the pack to become noticed. The idea of bright vivid colors came into play since the market was void of any such brands. With that in mind, Deere launched the eclectic brand in 2008 and hasn’t looked back since.


With a wide range of the best and wildest colors, Lime Crime has become a cultfavorite with a huge social media and international fan base. The sky is truly the limit or should I say that the limit is the sky for this remarkable new brand.