The Great Michel Terpin

The world has many sports supporters either soccer, driving or golf there is a certain feeling that comes when the supporting side wins. Brazil just like any other country they have car rallies. One of the famous car drivers in the region is Michel Terpins. Michel Terpins is currently 40 years of age and has created for himself a prominent profile in the world of sports. This is together with the fact that Michel Terpins’ family are sports enthusiasts meaning that his passion for car rallies started at a tender age.

Michel Terpins father was a professional basketballer and the brother Rodrigo who is also a driver. Michel terpins has the objective of maintaining success in the world of sports kept by his family. Michel terpins is a member of the rally team Bull Sertoes.

Michel works together with Justo who is his navigator; the two strive to win in the upcoming competition of Sertoes Rally. Michel began as a motorcycle racer back in 2002 and currently races using cars. Rodrigo, the older brother of Michel, has dramatically helped Michel in his quest to become the best rally driver in Brazil. The two brothers are the founders of Sertoes Rally Championship.

The two brothers have been using T-Rex as their racing car which is developed by MEM Motorsport. The brothers participate in other rallies around the country not only Sertoes championship as the recently features in the Cross Country rally and the Mitsubishi cup championship.

The upcoming edition of Series championship rally will be a significant milestone in the career of Michel Terpins as he would be marking his tenth appearance in the races in 2017. The Sertoes championship rally will also be the second year in a raw that Michel and his navigator Justo will be using the T-Rex prototype car. The two are the current champions at the rally championship and will be looking to maintain their position. Michael Terpins accredits hard work and determination to the success he has been able to achieve in the profession of a sportsman. To be a successful rally driver, it needs one to have courage and confidence.