The Fashion Lab of “JustFab”

Well, I am going to just say when I visited the JustFab website for the very first time I was really stoked! I never really paid much attention to this particular fashion retailer, but now that I have done some research, I am very pleasantly surprised.

First off, if you have never been to the site, you need to go and register. The site is: and it is well worth the time you spend browsing all of their awesome stuff.

When you go in JustFab, you will need to take a fashion quiz. This is a simple quiz that you take to help determine your style in clothes, shoes, bags, etc. This is very important because after you do this and register, this process helps determine and “sift out” articles picked according to your taste. I’ve never done that before and it was really fun!

While shopping around, you will also be granted a deal for only an hour for becoming a new member. Mine was that I got my first item for only $9.99!! Pretty freaking sweet I thought of them!

There’s a tab that says New Summer Shop, please if you love shopping and staying on top of new trends like myself, do this.

I noticed there’s a lot of vibrant summer colors in most styles this year in JustFab. What I really appreciated is when you click on a certain style, there’s also shoes and handbags and articles that come up to help you incorporate and mix and match your look.

I am impressed with the ease of the whole shopping experience and definitely the layout of the site and the items are super cool! If you love staying on top of the summer styles you really need to give this company a chance. They know their customers and make it easy for you! I think I may need a second job to fulfill my “wish list” this summer!


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