The Evolution of Lip Balm

TAlmost everyone uses some form of lip balm. EOS has become the world’s leading product for lip care in the industry of beauty. With it’s all natural and organic made products, they have become universal. A variety of flavors to choose from has made them popular and easily accessible as well. Evolution of Smooth has three different types of lip balms, medicated, flavored, and spf protected. They also come in two different forms, the ball, which is the most common, and the stick, for those who want something more traditional. All EOS lip products are made with three key ingredients; Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, and Shea Butter. Giving them the smoothness and moisture so many people expect from a lip balm. They are also found in many local stores, such as, Walgreens, and Wal-Mart. Their also found online on Amazon and many other widely known online shopping sites. A few popular flavors are honeydew suckle, blackberry nectar, passion fruit, wild berry, and sweet mint. All of these can be found locally at pharmacy stores such as CVS Pharmacy and superstores like Target, shop here. With each of these fun- filled flavors, they all share the same key ingredients with a little extra of their own special ingredients giving them their own delightful flavor. Everything about EOS screams pick me when you see all that they have to offer and all the goodness inside them. The Evolution of lip balm has differed in many ways, see also From Blistex to Chapstick, but there is none that surpasses EOS and its vast quantity of uniquely designed and naturally made lip products. The best site to inquire about these beautifully fashioned products would be the very site that started it all,, there you will find every product ever made by EOS and all their different flavors and some that are even limited. From celebrities to the casual every day women, everyone is trying to get their hands on one of these works of art, even the children find them intriguing. If the whole world wants it, it’s got to be good. Order here at