Sunny Days

The founder of EOS- Evolution of Smooth products is founder Craig Dubitsky. First, Evolution of Smooth started out with lotions and skin care products. Now they have a plethora of flavors. EOS was founded in 2009. The lip balms have made into the care of many stars. EOS is known all over the world for its unique and delectable variety of flavors. Places such as Germany, Canada and the United States. They are all organic and made to the best quality, more of this on Cherry is one one flavored loved by many. It comes in a dark purple container that is easy to carry. The flavor is rich in cherry. It adds a sleek texture and a healthy feel to your lips. More of this on Once you place it down for a moment, it will not get away from you. These containers have a flat side so it stays in place. It is easy to retrieve from your handbag. All flavors will heal the driest lips. It doesn’t matter what your skin texture is, EOS is made with all natural healing ingredients like jojoba oil and vitamins. It is paraben-free. Not to mention, very affordable.

Another flavor is the yellow Lemon Drop. tastes refreshingly like lemon, it is like many others-SPF 15 enhanced.  Related info here.  It’ll leave your mouth moist and delicious. Enjoy the sunshine with EOS. Your lips won’t burn, nor will they chap in the winter cold.