Speed is Key With Online Reputation Management

Companies have always been concerned with their reputation in the marketplace and with customer satisfaction. In today’s economy, reputation is more than the word of mouth information people trade about you because that information will inevitably lead to an internet search for your company.

Today, people will search for goods or service with Google and the results they see, regardless of the accuracy, will have real results for your company’s reputation. This is where the tools and trade of online reputation management become important.

In an article for customerthink.com, the strengths of online reputation management are discussed. The one overriding theme, though, is a competitive company needs to have an online reputation and they need to be responsive to online reviews or comments about the company.

Built in Years, Destroyed in a Day

An online reputation can take years to build. Companies need to start early and work hard to get positive feedback about their services. But after all that work, it can only take one or two bad reviews to destroy a good reputation. Companies should hire Reputation.com services and have a plan for responding to poor reviews.

Pay Attention to The Complaints

Reading the complaints can point to weaknesses in your business plan or service cycle. If you act on them and give due regard to the online commenters, it strengthens your appearance as a strong, responsive company.

Respond Quickly

One of the promises of the internet is quick communication. Customers expect you to respond to inquiries and comments quickly. Speed is key, most customers expect a response within an hour.

Know The Playing Field

Be familiar with the major online social networking platforms, know how they work and how to use their messaging/response system. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all facilitate fast posts and messaging, leverage this to your benefit by quickly responding to people’s comments.

Get Your Story Out There

Part of online reputation management is telling your company’s story. Be proactive with posts about your products, happy customers, company news, and anything that will benefit current or future customers.