Refreshing EOS Review

EOS vegan crystal lip balms are clear and made with all natural ingredients. The beeswax that is in the original EOS lip balm products is removed from this new line. However, the flavor is still present as well as the protective qualities that the lip balm offers. The price is affordable, and the small round containers can be purchased online and in numerous retail stores. The Hibiscus Peach lip balm smells just like a bushel of fresh peaches with a hint of vanilla and hibiscus flowers. It’s a refreshing smell that is ideal for the spring and summer months. Vanilla Orchid is another flavor in the vegan line that is refreshing and pleasant. Neither flavor is too strong upon smelling or while it’s on the lips, check also review here on

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EOS is a company that offers lip balms that are made with natural ingredients. Vitamin E keeps the lips healthy, and shea butter offers a softness for the lips to keep them from cracking. All of the lip balms are packaged in a way that is easy to open and fun to look at and hold.

There are a few different types of lip balm offered by EOS. The organic balm is the most popular, buy here. The company also offers shimmer lip balms as well as medicated products.

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