Patent Claims

There has been in recent news reports of patent claim issues between criminal justice communications solutions giant Securus Technologies and GTL. The original claims filed by GTL suggested that Securus was no longer able to follow their patent certifications on a long selection of their products. Recent reports specify, however, that these claims were inaccurate and that GTL was providing incorrect information to the media. These accusations and how they have been addressed are important because they had the potential to tarnish Securus Technologies’s reputation both online and within the physical world.


Securus is a global giant in the information communications industry, mainly due to the fact that they provide a very specific service to a niche marketplace. Securus Technologies primarily focuses on the United States penal system; assisting incarcerated individuals in communication and security solutions in regards to keeping contact with friends and family members still living outside of prison. Not only does Securus do an excellent job at providing this specialized level of support, but they also treat their customer base as privileged clients, meaning that regardless of their current social status their customers are still treated as individual consumers who are valued. In the past Securus has provided humanitarian services to clients as well as reliable and quality products, such as free service to customers living in Louisiana who were suffering from high flood waters.


Securus is a corporation that greatly cares for its customer base, providing excellent products and service options to anyone who wants to take advantage of their products. Claims that their product patents have expired are baseless and irrelevant, being debunked by not only Securus Technologies but by other outside sources that have conducted research on the issue at hand. Securus remains to be the defacto provider of penal communications solutions today.