Nick Vertucci’s Statements On California’s Housing Issues

California has a real problem, and one that real estate guru Nick Vertucci says is soon going to lead to drastic consequences. Despite having tax revenue that’s at an all-time high and even what’s considered a low unemployment rate, the state has a real housing affordability crisis that has led to the average home’s cost at $500,000 and a problem of homelessness growing at an unprecedented rate. State lawmakers are preparing to step in and take a hand even if it means wresting some of the power away from local authorities. The plan would be to have housing developments that include subsidies for low-income renters that are not subject to current zoning regulations. The bill is sure to meet with backlash from local mayors and homeowners. But one thing is for sure according to Nick Vertucci, that the housing costs are unsustainable at the levels which they keep rising.


Nick Vertucci has over 10 years experience in investing in real estate, and his mission is also helping others understand how they can make a living turning properties into profits. He founded a company that has an institute known as the NV Real Estate Academy, a full program that helps people learn the basics of real estate. The seminar work often quickly morphs into fieldwork where aspiring entrepreneurs can find properties that meet their investment goals, and renovate them into top-notch sales. The program also covers how to protect your assets and using an IRA as capital.


Nick Vertucci did not come from a real estate background but instead grew up in a family that struggled to make ends meet. He was homeless at age 18 and needed to find a way to make a living. He did start his own computer sales and repair business that did quite well for a while, and he became married and bought a home. But it didn’t last forever and in the year 2000 he once again faced financial hardship. For over a year he did all he could to keep from losing his home, and then he was introduced to real estate investing. He soon found out that it was actually quite different than he imagined, and soon he was turning old homes into brand new deals and made millions of dollars. He decided he needed to help others learn how to do the same, so that led to the founding of the NV Real Estate Academy. Along with Vertucci, many others have seen how they can make a living investing in properties.