New Sharp and QNET Partnership Formed to Promote Air Purifiers around Asia

Our company, QNET, has signed a strategic and lucrative deal with Sharp Technologies that will see us promote and distribute the new Plasma Cluster Air Purifier using our top-notch proprietary e-commerce platform. The new air purifiers will be co-branded as part of the deal between the two companies.

According to a press statement released by President Kishay Ray from Sharp Business Systems India Private Limited, Sharp chose to partner with QNET because we have shown excellent innovation in all our wellness and health products. This was the main reason why the company decided to partner with us. Ray further added that through the new partnership with QNET, Sharp is able to reach a well-established consumer network.

At QNET, we have successfully managed to tap into, and capture, a ready market for our products that include beauty, wellness and health. Our spokesperson in India said that the Sharp and QNET deal is a guaranteed win-win partnership. Together, we will be able to provide an excellent product that fits our healthy living philosophy.


Today, Qnet have become one of Asia’s biggest direct selling companies. We offer a number of meaningful products in several diverse markets. Our main aim is to enable people to enhance their lifestyles while at the same time allowing them to power their entrepreneurial ventures. Our grassroots business model allows ordinary people to start their own entrepreneurial ventures with minimal overhead.

We work with independent representatives who distribute our products in all markets that we serve. We recognize that people are our greatest asset. This is the main reason why we have successfully established a large and efficient distribution network. This network is fuelled by a collective goal of achieving financial independence.

QNET is owned by the QI Group and was started by our founder Vijay Eswaran who also founded QN Europe among other companies. Today, we have established franchise companies in both Turkey and India. We celebrate cultural and ethnic diversity with a huge team of employees stretched in over 30 countries.

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