Louis the Legend

He is called a business wizard by many. Executives in corporations refer to him as the legend. Professors of economics beg him to come to their class and lecture on business practices. This legend is none other than Louis Chenevert, the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation.

Chenevert was always destined to be a businessman. He grew up in the Ontario province of Canada, and during that time he idolized those who went to the University of Montréal and attended their business affiliate school HEC. He would attend here and receive a degree as a production manager. This was the strong foundation he needed to continue training to become a CEO. Visit Bloomberg.com to know more.

After he finished his time at university, Louis Chenevert would continue on to work for General Motors as a production supervisor. Here, he would look over the Pontiac brand to ensure they met General Motors quality standards. Chenevert happily took this job since it proved to be great beginners work in the ways of the CEO. He would work here for a decade and a half before being offered the president-elect role at Pratt & Whitney.

When Chenevert arrived at Pratt & Whitney he would train underneath the current president for six years before assuming that position. Once he took over as president, he did a wonderful job at securing military contracts which raised the stock value of Pratt & Whitney by 30%.

Having successfully worked for Pratt & Whitney, the United Technologies Corporation would come knocking on his door. They offered him the role of Chief Executive Officer along with a compensation package of $26 million. Chenevert was more than happy to serve them. Read more at Forbes.com.

Chenevert got to work immediately at UTC. His first order of business was to stabilize the profits that had been destroyed due to the global recession. This was accomplished by purchasing several companies that allowed UTC to offset its deficit.

His next order of business was to reduce the environmental fines they were suffering each year. The simple solution was to abide by Canadian environmental regulations.

This history made him a the business legend.