It all begins with listening, does it not? In fact, that’s what founder and CEO of Birch Creative Capital, Chris Burch, always states. His advice is to listen before speaking. This top entrepreneur and investor has worked for numerous industries in almost 40 years, contributing to multiple brands at a time that have included Faena Hotel + Universe, Jawbone, Tony Birch, Poppin and even Voss Water. Half a decade ago, he acquired and renovated Nihiwatu, which is a luxury resort on Indonesia’s Sumba Island that ranked as the number one hotel in the world back in 2016; this ranking was respectively given by Travel + Leisure Magazine.  Related story on

Burch’s interest in hospitality all started with this partnership through fellow architect Philippe Stark and hotelier Alan Faena – out of Argentina – in attempts to redevelop underutilized land parcels into the final piece: the Faena Hotel + Universe. Three years ago, Burch announced a partnership with Ellen Degeneres as well as attempts to merge with her lifestyle brand of ED by Ellen DeGeneres. Later in the year, he launched Cocoon9, which is a set of prefabricated luxury homes that include space-saving floor plans, energy-efficient settings, contemporary designs and sophisticated final touches. His endeavors have also made many top executives jealous, and many have wanted to get in on his portfolio action in turn. Burch currently supports other consumer products, such as Bubble Bar, Blink Health, Broad Raw Foods, Chubby’s, Saludos and Little Duck Organics.   Check for additional article.

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He has served on the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation’s Board of Directors and has even been the past president for other co-op boards, contributing numerous funds to research and philanthropic efforts in various places. Top spots that have received his greatest philanthropic blessing have been Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, the Sumba foundation, NYU Langone, the China Association of Social Work, the Child Welfare League of China and even Henry Street settlement. Burch mentions himself as a curious person who always studies the world around him and often notices the need for certain products and services to improve. After his own success as a young man, he decided to put his knowledge and resources to good use by helping other entrepreneurs with their great ideas, which eventually led to his current company of Burch Creative Capital, which matches ideas with funding to bring be impossible to life. Burch mentions that his day is not the typical day. For update on Burch timeline activities, hit on

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