Learn All About Fukubukuro With Kim Dao

It’s a custom in Japan for merchants to sell “lucky bags” after the Japanese New Year. These grab bags, called “fukubukuro” (Japanese: 福袋), are filled with random items from various stores and are sold at a steep discount.

If you want to find out more about this retail tradition, just watch the video “Shopping in Shibuya for Fukubukuro | Lucky Bags!” put out by YouTuber Kim Dao. In this video, Kim Dao visits Shibuya with her friend Rachel to purchase some of these magical bags.

Both Kim Dao and Rachel first head into the 109 Mall in Shibuya to check out the fukubukuro. They see a bunch of Japanese people exchanging clothes they didn’t like from their mystery bags outside the mall.

Immediately Kim Dao decides to purchase a Cecil McBee fukubukuro. Rachel and Kim are then almost forced to buy fukubukuros from the store WeGo after a couple of employees energetically encourage them to buy the bags.

After purchasing these fukubukuros, Kim Dao and her friend visit the mall’s front desk to pick up a special prize. The 109 Mall gave out handkerchiefs to anyone who purchased fukubukuros this year.

The stress of shopping at the 109 Mall gets on Kim Dao’s nerves very quickly. Kim and Rachel agree to take a break from shopping and grab a refreshing hot pot meal at a restaurant Nabezo.

When Kim Dao gets home, she opens her fukubukuros. However, you can’t see the opening of the fukubukuros on her vlog channel. Instead, Kim Dao decided to put the fukubukuro opening on her main YouTube page.

The rest of this particular vlog shows Kim Dao going out for groceries and putting those groceries away.

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