Karl Heideck supports new hiring legislation in Philadelphia

Recently, legislation was mentioned in Philadelphia whose aim is to avoid prospective employees asking their potential employees their salary history. The law sparked legal debate where some opposed and others were supportive. Karl Heideck as one of those who supported the legislation provided some reasons that hinder the full implementation of the bill. The law limits the information the prospective employer will get from those who are looking for jobs during the hiring process. Those who fight for workers’ right support the bill because it will make the hiring process transparent. Karl Heideck on his part observed that the better part of the law is that it will close the gender gap which has arisen for a long time.

Karl Heideck explained that men have always earned more than women in same job capacities. He reiterated that men often get salary increments in their new jobs. For women, prospective employers are not willing to do the same to women. Instead, they are only ready to add a specific percentage to their previous salaries. However, it was the will of the legislators of Philadelphia to close that loophole that there are prospective employers who demand salary histories from job seekers before hiring them. Karl Heideck followed the case closely and even went ahead to add that also if the Philadelphia chamber of commerce was against the new law, they might not succeed to have it overturned. He said that the hiring departments might need the services of legal counsels during hiring to avoid court cases that may arise by making sure they are guided on which questions to ask.

Karl Heideck followed the case closely in the courts of law where the Philadelphia chamber of commerce had petitioned the judge to give stay orders on the legislation. However, the judge was not convinced by the reasons and upheld the ruling. The law is to be applied in the city irrespective of whether the business have head offices somewhere else

Karl Heideck, a contract counsel, is listed by the Hire counsel since 2015.Karl Heideck has worked in Greater Philadelphia for more than a decade. During this period, Karl Heideck became an expert in filing and responding to clients” complaints in pre-trial and post-trial areas.

Karl Heideck holds a Bachelor of Arts degree he earned in 2003 from Swarthmore College. Before entering professional practice, Karl Heideck went to Temple University’s James E. Beasley Law School and received a Doctorate in 2009.

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