Jorge Moll Growing Brazil’s Health Industry

Jorge Neval Moll is a Brazilian cardiologist who ventured into business to create D’Or hospital network. Jorge Moll Neto is a strong believer that technology plays an important role in the advancement of technology according to an article he recently wrote. He believes that it is impossible to cut the link between the advancement of technology and that of medicine. He states how the growth of digital technology in the Silicon Valley have opened previously unexplored areas in the healthcare sector. Jorge Moll believes that such advancements can be replicated in Brazil to improve their own health sector by having more partnerships between these two industries. Watch this video on Youtube.

Jorge Moll recently made a presentation on Health trends and the impact of Hospitals management. He has been the leader of the D’Or network from a small examination to what it has grown into today. Having such experience warrants him the right to speak about Hospital management. The network began in Rio de Janeiro in the 70s when the city was a hub of medicine but things started to deteriorate because most institutions were public institutions. He states that he witnessed the poor quality offered by these institutions and that is where the idea to build his own brand came to him. He started his practice with the aim of offering quality service and also retain their clients. Visit Jorge’s profile on

Jorge Moll through his company recently ventured into one of the most interesting hospitals they have ever invested in. The Star Cup as it is referred to is not only an exclusive hospital but also a five star hotel. Their target with this project is the patients in the country who want exclusive and unique services when they are ill. The first of this concept was made in Rio but there are plans to take this concept to the whole country to improve the level of healthcare provided. The rooms in the hospital resemble those in five star hotels complete with wall paintings. Jorge is also known for the several voluntary works he has been involved in and his encouragement for people all over Brazil to get more involved in such work.