Jeffry Schneider a Manhattan native has built a name for himself in the Finance and Business industry. Ascendant capital is a household name and Jeffry is the proud founder. Ascendant Capital, LLC is a company specializing in alternative investment and is run by Jeffry a man with over 20 years’ experience in the investment sector. His vast experience is leading other firms to reach out to him for support and offer them solution to low debt and low incomes with his very unique investment strategy and unique approach. In his earlier years in the investment sector, Jeffry worked for companies such as Merril Lynch, Axiom Capital Management as well as Smith Barney and it is during this time that he got in-depth knowledge on alternative market that concentrates on a niche that is exclusive and particular. He also managed to master the investment art and was further able to understand in depth management , this combined with his strong interpersonal skills has enabled him to be best at what he does.

His portfolio management strategy plays a significant role in the development of his firm. The approach entails provision of comprehensive services as well as solutions to the enterprise’s customers. Thus able to build and develop a firm line of marketing, sales, operational and educational services. Further, his strategy entails creating a portfolio that will give returns thus has drawn up a strong pool of fund managers that are not only efficient in dealing with resources but are also efficient in dealing with clients. It is when you have control over investments then you’re able to engage in other activities such as charity work just like Jeffry who spends a great deal of his time social causes. This being a strong indication that with a well-managed portfolio you can have time for everything.

When you talk about time for everything then you must be talking about Jeffry Schneider as he is able to enjoy every bit of his life. He is an outgoing man who loves adventure and has explored so many parts of the world. When he is not traveling to Europe, Asia or South America he is out participating in marathons aiming to keep fit. He is also very philanthropic as he is involved in many charitable organizations such as the Gazelle Foundation, God loves we deliver, and Wonders and Worries. We hope to see better things from Jeffry in all aspects of his life.