Inside Eric Pulier’s Seed Funding Operation At vAtomic Systems

Eric Pulier is responsible for the planning and implementation of several technology exhibits and events including the 1998 Starbright World healthcare simulation. He’s been an advisor to several major computer developers and also worked with former President Bill Clinton’s staff. Pulier is now working on seed ventures and starting up a new company named vAtomic Systems. Pulier is interested in disruptive technology and using mobile technology to change the workplace as it’s currently known. He mentioned in an interview with Ideamensch that he’s seen apps like Uber take over industries and he’s excited about the potential that blockchain and Bitcoin technology will have on economics. Pulier is also on the Board of Innovation at XPrize where young people form teams to design solutions for various technological challenges and are awarded xprizes.


Eric Pulier was originally a computer programmer, something he learned how to do back when he was still in elementary school. He put his programming to work at night classes he took at MIT while studying literature during his regular day classes at Harvard. Pulier also wrote and edited for the Harvard Crimson during his college days. Pulier moved to Los Angeles several years after graduating and in 1994 he formed the leadership board of Digital Evolution. Pulier sold Digital Evolution to US Interactive, LLC in 1998 and started working on several enterprise SOA companies in the following years. Pulier worked with virtual machines and desktops when he founded Desktone which is now owned by VMware, and he started a cloud computing system in ServiceMesh.


During his time as a technology advisor to the Clinton Administration he joined Vice President Al Gore’s forum on national healthcare. He also helped setup exhibits for the 1997 Presidential Technology Exhibition including a futuristic Bridge to the 21st Century display, and also a live camera feed to the space shuttle that had launched not long before. Pulier also worked with the Clinton Global Initiative technology team. During his spare time Pulier serves as an advisor to the Painted Turtle summer camp, or you might find him spending time with his wife and four children.

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