Igor Cornelsen Describes What Made Warren Buffett So Successful

Igor Cornelsen begins by saying that the financial world has many professionals that are willing to advise you on how to invest. One of the best people to model yourself after and take investment advice from is multi-billionaire Warren Buffett. Below Cornelsen describes some of Buffetts secrets to amassing a fortune.


If you are not familiar with Warren Buffett, he is one of the richest people in the world with a net worth of almost $70 billion. He is the majority shareholder of the conglemerate company, Berkshire Hathaway. One of Buffett’s secret to financial success has been revealed to be learning to invest at a young age. He started to invest his money when he was only 11 years old.


Cornelsen states that if you are just entering the investment world, a fun and easy way to learn about investing is by watching the Secret Millionaires Club which is hosted by Warren Buffet. While the show is animated and geared towards children, the lessons are not childish at all. The show explains how to make good financial decisions and how to start your own business. Buffet has also launched another program called Learn & Earn that explains finance and investment.


If you do not feel like watching these TV shows, you can just take in the following words of advice which Igor Cornelsen has summarized. The first thing you should to is to create a plan of action. This revolves around creating a set of goals that you want to achieve for your future. Cornelsen states that you need to narrow down your goals to include only the things that you actually need. Once you have done that, you need to make sure your goals are realistic and achievable.


The next part involves executing your plan. This sounds easier than it is. Before you executive your plan, you should read up on material and educate yourself on money, finance, investment and financial management. The more knowledge you have the easier and more effectively you will be able to executive your plan. The last thing you should do is to take a close look at your close associations. People you spend a lot of time with have a big impact on your life and choices. Make sure the people around you are a positive influence on you and not a negative one says Buffett. He also says that when you invest, you should always listen to your instinct or gut feeling. https://about.me/igorcornelsen1