I Love WEN By Chaz!

I have super fine hair, and I love WEN’s fine hair products. They really make my hair feel healthy and thicker. I’m also in love with the beautiful scents.

I love the WEN six thirteen ultimate hair collection. My hair feels and looks so beautiful all day long. The volumizing spray makes my hair stand up at its roots and gives me confidence that my hair looks amazing. It truly is amazing how my hair looks so thick all day long. I have bounce and shine all day and can go out at night without re doing my hair.

The scents are awesome. There is bamboo green tea, fig, lavender, pomegranate, spring orange blossom, sweet almond mint, tea tree, apple, cherry spring blossom and watermelon, and many many more. I would very much like to try them all and I plan on doing just that. The collections are beautiful and priced right. There are different formulas also. I like the rice formulas because they make my hair feel thick with the rice protein in them. Sense I have been using WEN products I have gotten so many compliments on me hair. My husband comes up to me all the time and sniffs my hair. He tells me how good my hair smells. I love it and I LOVE WEN!

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