How Vanilla Mint by EOS Became Part of My Daily Routine

The Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, has emerged as the premier brand of lip balm for customers. They offer high quality lip balms loaded with shea butter and coconut oil that are a step above those offered by their competition. EOS lip balms also have vitamin C and E and provide added protection from the sun and elements as a result, all in their unique applicator orb color coded by flavor.

The wide range of different flavor lip balms offered by EOS lip balms is a real benefit to those who like to sample flavors, but can be a real challenge given the sheer variety that they offer, check this at   It is truly difficult to find the right lip balm, particularly for everyday use.

Luckily I found my everyday lip balm when I tried the vanilla mint flavor by EOS. Mint flavors always interest me but are often too powerful for me to enjoy using them multiple times a day. Mint lip balms often leave a stinging sensation on my lips that gets old quickly and I only occasionally use them.  Head over to this!

The vanilla mint offering by EOS is subdued in flavor and doesn’t have an overwhelming flavor. It works well for a daily, or even hourly, application and is gentle on the lips. The vanilla component adds some complexity to the flavor that makes it interesting to use so it doesn’t become boring. Further, the vanilla min flavor is not artificial tasting and doesn’t have a nauseating medicinal flavor.  For additional info about the products, see

Would highly recommend trying the vanilla mint lip balm from EOS. While you may prefer fruit flavored offerings for their strong flavor, the vanilla mint flavor doesn’t disappoint and makes for a great addition to any rotation. For me, vanilla mint is at the forefront of my usage, mixed in with their honeysuckle honeydew and strawberry sorbet flavors for some added variety.  Check this on

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