Greg Secker — Awarded Social Entrepreneur

Greg Secker is the illustrious founder of Learn to Trade. Through this foundation, he has educated thousands of people across the world. He speaks at symposiums and large events. He was awarded Best Educator by World Finance Magazine; there was a huge celebration for achieving such a high reward. He won this award two years in a row in both 2012 and 2013. In 2015 he was awarded Best Forex Trader Training. In that same year, he won Best Trading Education Product from Wealth and Finance Magazine. So much recognition is proof of his platform’s effectiveness. During speaking occasions, Greg Secker focuses on the simple aspects of trading first and foremost. He teaches people how to change their lives and empower themselves through financial freedom. In the UK and across Europe, he has come to be known as the best trader around. Because he truly cares about the people who take the time out to attend his events, Greg was awarded number 17 on the list of Philanthropic 30 Most Caring Companies in the UK.

Greg has always been a caring person. His philanthropy is passionate and widespread. When people attend his seminars and workshops, they leave with a sense of exuberance. They are enlightened to the possibilities of their future. The Richtopia foundation nominated him as number 151 on their list of most philanthropic entrepreneurs in 2017. The Richtopia 200 is an important list of influential philanthropists and social entrepreneurs who have dedicated their time and resources to raising awareness of important issues around the world. For his amazing corporate leadership, he was nominated to be a finalist in the 2017 National CSR Awards. His coworkers and employees would agree with this decision; he has led them to greatness and success.

Greg Secker is a teacher of humanity. When attending his seminars, pay attention to his speech, his poise, his clarity and consciousness. His mindset is one that is driven and focused on success. He embeds this same mindset into seminar participants. By teaching others how to free themselves financially, he is doing the world a great service.