Fabletics Establishes Itself As A Market Leader With Amazing Customer Service

Kate Hudson is a fashion icon, who has proven to be extraordinarily good in the projects that she undertakes. When she gave to the world her idea of Fabletics, fashion and sports lovers everywhere knew that Fabletics would be the next best thing. As a brand, Fabletics established itself in the sports fashion segment by offering customers a full range of active and leisure wear for a variety of sports. The brand doesn’t just cater to women, but to men and kids as well. With beautiful designs coupled with the latest fashion trends, Fabletics has established itself as a significant player in the activewear community.


But while Fabletics may offer their customers activewear that looks like it has come straight off a runway, they faced numerous challenges, especially against large-scale competitors like Amazon. With multiple e-commerce sites popping up, Fabletics had to think of unique strategies to implement to set their place in the world of activewear and leisure fashion. Amazon currently owns twenty percent of the total e-commerce market, and even then, Fabletics has managed to shine among the rest, evolving into a two hundred million dollar company. Since opening its doors for business in 2013, the brand has surpassed all expectations and has managed to stand apart as a leading activewear brand. The brand has experienced phenomenal growth over the years, and a large part of that success is owing to the impeccable customer care services that the brand offers.


While all brands say that their customers are important, no name shows their customers as much love as Fabletics does. The entire selling point of the brand is the notion that they want to establish a good relationship with their clients. The brand works on a membership strategy to entice customers and keep them coming back for more and more. Through the plan, customers can opt to receive their preferred style of clothing on a regular basis directly from the site. Through the program, customers receive activewear every month, delivered to their doorstep. The brand in a way ensures that their clients are always fashionable and receive the latest trends in active wear and leisurewear.


Another way Fabletics establishes an excellent customer relationship is through their tar and mortar stores wich the brand opened in 2015. A large chunk of clients was not comfortable with buying their clothes online and signing up for their membership plan just because they had no idea about the quality of clothes they would be receiving. Fabletics realized this and thus decided to give their customers a look at their clothes and give them an opportunity to try them on to make their decisions. The store, however, isn’t meant for customers to purchase the clothing, but more so just as an addition customer service. Customers can then go home and buy the items that they liked in their own time.


Fabletics has incorporated numerous market research techniques to understand the customers better that they are serving and ensures that whatever items are shown on the website are always in stock in their physical stores.