Evolution Of Smooth Offers Many Flavors Of Lip Balm To Choose From

The lip balm brand known as Evolution of Smooth made its name in part by offering customers a wide range of flavors to choose from among their lip balms. Its five lines of lip balms offer the customer the ultimate selection of flavors to choose from when compared to any other brand on the market. The following is a sample of some of the EOS lip balm flavors available from Evolution of Smooth.

EOS lip balm‘s most popular line, the organic smooth spheres, has eight different flavors. They are passion fruit, sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, honeysuckle honeydew, blueberry acacia, summer fruit and pomegranate raspberry. The newest flavor added to this line is the vanilla bean. It was added in time for the holiday season. The warm and sweet flavor of the vanilla bean lip balm is perfect to give as a gift around Christmas time.  Check details on ebay.com.

The visibly smooth soft spheres features three different flavors. They include coconut milk, blackberry nectar and vanilla mint. The visibly smooth soft spheres line is the line of lip balm that is specially formulated with moisturizing and softening agents to soften lips and make them more supple.

The shimmer smooth spheres line comes in two different varieties. These are sheer pink and pearl. The sheer pink is pinkish in color, while the pearl is whitish in color. Both have a mild natural flavor. This line is designed to your lips shimmer or sparkle slightly.

The active protection spheres also come in two different flavors. These are lemon twist and fresh grapefruit. The lemon twist active protection sphere lip balm has an SPF sunscreen rating of 15. The fresh grapefruit active protection sphere lip balm has an SPF sunscreen rating of 30.

Evolution of Smooth also has three different flavored stick lip balms. The flavors include vanilla bean, sweet mint and pomegranate raspberry. These come in the lipstick like packaging that most lip balms come in.

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