EOS’ New Lip Balm is A Game Changer

Have you heard about Eos’ new lip balm; Crystal? It’s a must have for every makeup kit, professional or ameture. An all vegan mixture of hydrating oils and butters is the perfect complement to your look. For only $5, Crystal is a steal. You can find it at CVS, Walmart, Target, along with many other retailers.

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Crystal has nourishing coconut and shea butters, to take dry and cracked lips and turn them soft and luscious. Along with hydrating castor, avocado, and sunflower oils, to add extra kissable shine to your daily look. This recipe is sure to turn dry lips back into soft, inviting lips. Also the all vegan ingredients guarantee a healthy add to your makeup assemble.

Not only did they recreate their recipe for the health on their consumers, they also added new packaging, so you can sneak in a healthy alternative as a christmas present. See influenster.com for more review updates. Or so one can still feel vegan options are fashion forward. Whatever the stance, Crystal is sure to stand up.

As the name Crystal suggests; Eos’s new lip balm is clear as a crystal ball, purchase here. A new fashion trend is starting, and Eos is helping it catch speed, for the affordable price of five dollars. Eos is making sure this is a fashion trend everyone and their mom can afford to jump on. They’re also creating a healthy standard for the fashion trend too. Any and all competitors looking to add to the trend must now add healthy options or their product won’t even be a choice. Eos is really taking a stand for their consumers by making sure this fashion trend moves in a healthy direction for everyone, without losing any of the glam.

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