EOS Lip Balm Disrupted the Market…With No Major Launch

If you have been to any drug store in America at any point in the past five years, there’s a great chance that you have seen the EOS Lip Balm on the shelves at the checkout line. EOS Lip Balm started hitting the shelves without so much as a single word from the marketing directors at the company. It was carefully snuck into the aisles and people noticed it because it was unlike any other lip balm that they had ever seen. The container is shaped in a sphere and it does not require you to roll up the tube like some of the other brands do.

As a millennial favorite, it’s no surprise that EOS comes in fun flavors like honeydew. People have fallen in love with EOS. The market loved EOS so much that they were actually able to surpass Chapstick in sales after it had held the title of the best lip balm brand for decades. With a company that is less than 15 years old, EOS managed to disrupt the market with their lip care products. They have continued to be successful and have grown the company to include hand lotions and shaving creams (that are, of course, unconventionally shaped).  Refer to frenchtribune.com for for interesting articles.

EOS works to make sure that they are staying up with the latest trends, check this.   They are always working to come up with new flavors and options for their customers. While the EOS traditional lip balm has remained steady, they have also included options that are shimmer balms. The company even has deals with different stores to offer exclusive lip balm flavors and options in that store only. Despite the fact that EOS never even really had a hard launch, they have been extremely successful with all of the lip balm and other body care products they have.

Now watch this video clips of EOS on  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRY7C3LEFeM