EOS Is Changing The World Of Lip Balm Flavors With EOS Vegan Crystal Lip Balm

Are you tired of the same old lip balm? Are you tired of your lips feeling sticky after applying a product that should replenish moisture to your lips. If you want something that will be good for your lips, will add moisture to them, protect them or even smell good, you want to check out EOS Vegan Crystal lip balm, refer also here at usmagazine.com.

Before the crystal line came out, EOS was already a leading competitor in the world of lip balms and chapsticks. Prior to the crystal line, EOS had already mastered the mixtures of the right flavors and right ingredients.

Shea butter is one of the best ingredients to use for replenishing moisture. The ingredients also include avocado, coconut and many more ingredients that are good for your lips.

EOS is not just strictly into the lip balm manufacturing as they also have a long line of other products. The product line includes lotions, as well as shaving cream. They also create a number of limited editions in lip balms, lotions and shaving creams.

If you are shopping for a loved one for Christmas, birthday or even an easter basket, EOS is the perfect gift to use. You could create a lavish basket filled with all the different products that EOS makes. This gift is something that all beauty lovers and health conscious people would love. People who love the things that are made naturally will always appreciate EOS products, see here.

If your unsure of the different flavors to choose from, most people love lavender, coconut, vanilla and strawberry. These flavors of lip balm will be sure to leave them desiring more as well as desiring the other flavors sold by EOS. If they are conscious about animal by products, you will want to choose the items that are free from beeswax.

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