Don’t Just Gloss Your Lips, Flavor Them!

In a world filled with balms, lip gloss, lipsticks and many other varieties in how you dress your lips, it’s easy to find cheap and useless combinations that provide no relief and old dusty flavors. Why not cover your lips with more than just color and flare? Lip balms should provide color, flare and most importantly, flavor.


Evolution of Smooth, or EOS has a line of many wonderful cosmetics, and among those a line of flavorful and colorful lip balms. Perhaps you have seen their lip balms before, encased in a small cylindrical casing where half the top unscrews to reveal the sweet smelling lustrous balm within. Not only does EOS offer lip balm in the smooth sphere option, but also in the traditional stick for more compact transport.


For what EOS offers into the world of lip balms, they provide affordable pricing. With multiple varieties of pricing options from multi-packs to sales found on the EOS website throughout the year, anyone can have access to the flavor of choice whenever you need it. EOS is available at retailers around the world and provides natural products that are also gluten-free.  For more Info click

The internet has multiple sites dedicated to the top EOS lip balm flavors. One site in particular has Vanilla Mint as the top flavor of choice. Vanilla and mint provide anyone with semi-normal taste buds two of the best flavors around. Combining them into one sweet refreshing twist will make every smack-of-your-lips, and every chug of water a more memorable one.  Go to

Certainly Vanilla Mint is not the only flavor of choice, as EOS offers dozens of other choices. Variations of Pomegranate tend to be a top seller as well. Whatever flavors you enjoy most, try one of those in the line of EOS lip balms for yourself and decide which one is your favorite.

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