Doe Deere Is Guiding the Makeup Industry into an Exciting New Direction

When people think of makeup it’s usually all about creating an image. Makeup is a way of presenting oneself in a variety of different ways. One can go from subtle to wildly energetic in the time it takes to remove and apply makeup. One might expect that the people creating makeup would have a similar dynamic range of looks and personalities. But in general the business people involved with makeup tend to be the same types of businessmen one would find in any industry. There’s a few notable exceptions though. And these exceptions also tend to highlight the important differences of their company and product. And there’s few people who highlight this fact better than Doe Deere.

Doe Deere is best known for being the CEO of Lime Crime, and creator of a makeup line by the same name. But she’s well known in the industry itself for being an innovator. Unlike many figures within the higher levels of the cosmetic industry, Doe Deere reached her current position out of love for the products. That’s also how she first got her start in the business. Her original focus in school was somewhat related. And the same goes for her later work afterward. She began with an academic focus on fashion which transitioned into real world experience on stage. So it almost goes without saying that she’s always had a heavy focus on appearance and image. But one aspect of practical experience on stage is getting to see the limitations of one’s material.

Her fashion background gave her very strict requirements for how she wanted to present herself. And while the clothing held up nicely, she continually found herself at odds with the makeup choices. It often combined two flaws which she simply couldn’t be happy with. The makeup options tended to be too subdued, and also far too fragile for long term use on stage. She needed higher quality options for her makeup and it simply wasn’t available on the market. She had little choice but to begin creating her own brand.

And after time she became so good at it that people began to insist that she sell it to them as well. The demand became great enough that she realized that she had a chance to really help the world by selling a product that had brought her a lot of joy. This was the genesis of the Lime Crime brand. And that enthusiasm for her product hasn’t diminished as time has gone by. Instead Doe Deere is unique in the makeup world for continually engaging users with tips and tricks. It’s clear that she’s not just someone who’s selling makeup.

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  1. She’s focused on the idea of creating the best makeup possible and helping people get the most out of her product. Doe Deere taught herself how to create makeup. It is very cool to write case study about his product because there are results too.

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