Brian Torchin Is Helping Employers Find The Best Staff Available

Brian Torchin is the creator and driving force behind the rapidly growing HCRC Staffing. He realized early on that there was a gap in the field of staffing when it came to medical practices and hospitals.

He had the know-how and the experience to create a company that would be able to deliver the highest quality candidates to the practices in need of the best possible staff. He had managed several medical offices and assisted with many openings which gave him the in-depth knowledge to anticipate what offices needed when it came to staff.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin is also quite active on social media and he is always leaving informed and intelligent posts for his followers to read and digest. He is excited to help educate and inform those that wish to gain more information not only about medical staffing but also in the medical field in general. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

He has devoted the majority of his professional career helping others to obtain the best positions available for their particular skill sets while simultaneously helping business to get ahead and succeed through excellent staffing practices.

To date, HCRC is the leading consulting and staffing firm in the medical industry. Thier business reaches worldwide and helps to staff some of the most renowned medical facilities in existence.

Brian Torchin takes great pride in his work and works closely with his staff to ensure that they are receiving the very best preparation and placement available. It is his goal to ensure a perfect fit for both the employee and the employer.