Brazilian Law and Ricordo Tosto

It is an understatement to say that most lawyers in Brazil today are very busy people. There are currently and have been for several years a huge backlog of corruption and recession-related cases. Much of the recession-related cases concern the oil industry the oil industry which has historically been a primary source of income but an industry that has fallen on hard times. There are big changes being passed through the Brazilian Congress even now to significantly lowyer this burden. A big part of the legal push is to allow more international oil businesses to come into the country, thus lightening the burden of the present government-owned business.

This is good news for specialized lawyers who will be brought in to work for the new Brazilian clients. Ricardo Tosto is one of these specialized lawyers. His business litigation firm is one of the largest in the country. Throughout his career he has garnered a vast amount of experience advocating on behalf of individuals and companies both Brazilian and international. And he is not the only great lawyer in his firm. He has gathered about himself among the in the world today. In addition to being a top firm in courtroom expertise, it has pioneered many groundbreaking legal tools and system that have transformed the Brazilian legal system.

Many of the trainees that Tosto has taken under his wing and mentored, have gone on to greatness in the international legal world. But Tosto did not himself start out at the top of the Brazilian law industry. He began his career working in a small law office. He worked his way off to bigger and bigger firms until he was finally able to open his own. His firm was soon a rousing success and he was soon defending some of the highest profile cases in the world. Today he leads his huge firm in continuing to be a prime legal mover and shaker. Tosto is without a doubt one of the greatest lawyers in Brazil of all time-maybe even the world! One only has to wonder to what heights he will ascend to next.