An Outline of Eric Pulier’s Outstanding Career

Despite his young age, Eric Pulier has achieved a lot across distinct sectors. He is more than just a respected Harvard graduate. He is a talented technologist, smart entrepreneur, a public speaker, a columnist, and an accomplished author. Throughout his career, Pulier has established several startups from inception to international status. He is the founder of ServiceMesh, US Interactive Media, Desktone, Media Platform, and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. He has invested in several foundations and venture capital funds, including eCompanies, Trident Capital, and Monitor Ventures.

Academic background

Pulier is an alumnus of Teaneck High School, class of 1984. He holds a bachelor’s of arts degree from the distinguished Harvard University. In his higher level of education, he specialized in visual & environmental studies, English & American Literature, and computer science. He also wrote the PulierLeg, an interesting weekly column he penned down on behalf of the Harvard Crimson Weekly.

Career trajectory

Pulier settled in Los Angeles back in 1991 and instituted People Doing Things (PDT), an innovative firm that relied on technology to address education, health care, and other pressing challenges. In 1994, he started Digital Evolution, a premier interactive agency, which combined its business with the U.S. Interactive back in 1998. He pioneered the establishment of Starbright World, an exclusive social platform where children with multiple life-threatening conditions can interact, blog, share content, and build relationships with other who have similar conditions and experiences.

In 1997, Pulier landed a high-profile contract from the Presidential Inaugural Committee, which entailed development and implementation of an advanced Presidential Technology Exhibition popularly branded as “The Bridge to the 21st Century” in Washington D.C. After the exhibition, he offered his advice on technology and healthcare projects during the then-VP Al Gore’s technology and healthcare forum.

Philanthropic endeavors

Pulier is a seasoned philanthropist. He supports causes that seek to find solutions for pressing challenges in poverty-stricken communities or children with physical impairments in the U.S. and across the world. He unveiled multimedia educational programs to create awareness about multiple sclerosis and offer advice to people with this disease on how to manage it. He is a member of innovation boards of The Painted Turtle, CFCT, X-Prize, and many other nonprofits.