Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa and the 10 Errors Photographers Make

Jose takes students on photography lessons and this gives him the opportunity to note quite a number of rookie mistakes that new photographers often make on Twitter. The mistakes can be used to perfect their images if they take the time to do them well and with a purpose. It is imperative for photographers to build on the right photography skills before they can be able to move away completely from these common mistakes.

Technical Errors in Photography

Unrealistic or strong colors offer a good creative choice when used with the right color monitor and calibration. It would be imperative for a photographer to ensure their images have natural colors that strike well by ensuring that the main object is focused on properly and the background contains some opaque colors. Photographers on Tumblr ought to desist from taking not so clear images which are as a result of poor shots. Image sharpness is a strong point and it is only enhanced by ensuring the target area is well focused on. Having the wrong composition in an image is a common error among most photographers at Proper attention to the picture edges is important to keep the focus of an image viewer on the image and not outside it.

A photographer should be as close as possible to the subject of the photo shoot to get clear and beautiful pictures. Getting closer to the subject or use a camera with a wide angle lens will sort this issue on It is important to get an even image tone by working on the reflections, contrast, exposure and the level of black color. Exaggeration or using an excessive HDR ought not be allowed to get clear images. This could make the colors unreal or minus a dynamic range.

Conceptual Photography Errors

A theme is very important in photography but most people forget it. A good photograph should have a union of both form and content according to Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. Photographs should be consistent and have different styles and scenarios put together cohesively. It is important to practice taking shots while at home and not on occasions when one goes on a trip as most photographers tend to do. Having too many pictures could be risky especially if the photographer does not sieve out their best photograph.

About Adrian Jose Figueroa

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is a professional executive from Venezuela and currently holds three posts; Treasurer, President and Director in five companies in Panama. Adrian is a prominent person in the business community of Panama. A number of businesses have grown through him and he has improved the economic conditions. He also mentors young leaders.