Adam Milstein Named One Of The World’s Leading Philanthropists

The work of Jewish-American philanthropist Adam Milstein often hits the headlines for all the right reasons, which is why he has recently been named to the Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs Top 200 list for his work pushing forward the rights of Jewish people across the globe. The real estate mogul completes much of his work alongside his wife, Gila, with whom he formed the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation that seeks to develop opportunities for young Jewish people to gain a stronger foothold in the business world and beyond; the list of community service positions and good causes backed by Adam Milstein is long and includes those focused on helping form U.S. policy alongside government and diplomatic counterparts in Israel.


It is important for the Haifa, Israel born Adam Milstein to remain true to his Jewish roots, which is one of the reasons why much of the work of the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation has been focused on engaging young people in developing their own interests in learning about Judaism. As a prominent writer and speaker on the issues facing Jewish people, Adam Milstein believes it is important for followers of Judaism to learn to read and write Hebrew from a young age. Young people around the world have been given the opportunity to explore their Jewish heritage with the aid of an ability to understand and interpret Hebrew through some of the many community service programs developed by Milstein over the course of his long philanthropic career.


Understanding the need to give back to the community of Adam Milstein is one of the ways of getting beneath the skin of this well known real estate and business expert; Milstein has become known in the 21st century for his role as a partner at Hager Pacific Properties where he has helped develop a property portfolio worth more than $2 billion.


As part of his mandatory military service in Israel, Adam Milstein played in a role in the 1973 Yom Kippur War before moving to the U.S. to extend his business career. It was within the U.S. that Adam Milstein has made his largest philanthropic impact with his assistance in founding the Israel-American Council, which has been described as the fastest growing Jewish based organization in the U.S.