A Humanitarian Company in the Communications Technology Field

Securus Technologies, the reliable corporation that is to thank for pioneering communication solutions to penal institutions, now offers free calling opportunities to incarceration centers within the state of Louisiana. In case you are not familiar with Securus Technologies, they have developed mobile applications and communications options for incarcerated individuals. This means that if you are a loved one of an individual who might have made the wrong choices in life and wish to contact them without the hassle of worrying about going through security checks and speaking to them through a glass wall then you have the option of communicating through video chat over a mobile device.


One of the main reasons why Securus is offering such a magnificent deal to customers is for humanitarian reasons and peace of mind. Due to recent floods throughout the state, Louisiana has become a hub of fear and uncertainty, and so there is great demand for people to be allowed to directly communicate with those they care about who are currently unable to leave their location due to direct orders from the court system.


By providing a quality product in the form of a reliable and easy to use communication software package that customers can download and use on the go Securus has created a unique and interesting niche within the communications technology market. Their statement as a company that they will do whatever it takes to keep family members connected makes them not only a revolutionary company in their field but also a perfect example of how people should treat one another in a society that often times turns the other direction.