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How Wine Guides Build A Career With Traveling Vineyard

As has been said by many people wine, friends, and great conversations go together hand in hand. Some people get to enjoy all three of these together on a regular basis and make money from doing so. These people are the wine guides who have built companies selling the great tasting wines offered by Traveling Vineyard.

What a wine guide does is host wine tasting events in the homes of their friends. Over time they build up a network of friends and will host these events in the homes of people in this network. After the event the guests are able to buy any of the wines they got to taste. The businesses that wine guides built are designed to be simple to operate. They also don’t have to store any wine or other inventory in their homes or worry about delivering the wine orders as Traveling Vineyard takes care of that. As the business is entirely commission based wine guides can earn as much as they desire.

Pretty often a wine guide starts out their business as a side hustle in addition to their regular job and/or their homemaking duties. Many find that they can start to earn enough from being a wine guide that they’re able to drop the regular job and pursue hosting wine tastings as a full-time career. Some women treat being a wine guide as a way to earn extra money for vacations or a Christmas fund. Being a wine guide is a very flexible position and allows wine guides to get out of it what they decide to put into it.

Starting out as a wine guide does not require knowledge about wines, as many people think. You can get started by looking through the educational material that Traveling Vineyard supplies to all of their wine guides. You get enough information to get started fairly quickly and can add on to your knowledge as time goes on and your home-based business grows.

Traveling Vineyard as 21 different labels of wine they that sell. This includes red and white wines plus some that are sweet and fizzy. They also sell all of the accessories one needs to enjoy wine like decanters and bottle openers. The wine is affordably priced between $14 and $25 a bottle.

On social media, Traveling Vineyard has an active Facebook page. They have articles regularly posted about different types of wine and how to enjoy them and/or pair them with food. They also post articles about the health benefits of moderate wine consumption on their Facebook page. They seek to increase the knowledge that people have about wine in order to enhance their drinking experiences.

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