What Rod J. Roerich is Doing at Upcoming Symposiums

When Rod J. Rohrich attends the symposium coming up at the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium, he will be talking about the different things he can do to try and help people who are dealing with issues with their face and their body. These things can all be corrected with cosmetic surgery and Dr. Rod J. Rohrich knows that. He has learned a lot about the corrective procedures and what he can do to make sure he is actually correcting the issues people have. For, Dr. Rohrich, that is a huge part of how he can help people and what he can do to give back to them.

When Rod J. Rohrich is helping others, he is always making sure he can provide them with the right solutions. He wants everyone to know they don’t have to suffer from cosmetic issues and they can have all the right solutions if they use him as their cosmetic surgeon. He has learned some of the most valuable techniques and many of them even involve him trying to learn new things. He knows what he needs to do and continues to find out more information about how he can help all of his patients.

Whether he is doing cleft repair surgery or is doing body sculpting, he helps his patients get the results they need. He is a cosmetic surgeon and that means he can have a chance to try different things in the surgery field. He doesn’t care whether he is helping someone with the issues they have or he is giving them the hope they need to feel better about the way they look, he has always been prepared for what he can do for each of the people who he helps in different situations.

The last two events Rod J. Rohrich will be at are the Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting. He is the host of the event and is acting as the chairperson to the event. In addition, he is hosting a rhinoplasty event. He is also the chairperson and host for that event while he works to help other people through the issues they are experiencing in their own medical and cosmetic surgery careers. Everything Dr. Rohrich does at these events is to help surgeons get all the information and benefits they can use once they go back to their own practices with their own patients after the symposiums.

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Jorge Moll Growing Brazil’s Health Industry

Jorge Neval Moll is a Brazilian cardiologist who ventured into business to create D’Or hospital network. Jorge Moll Neto is a strong believer that technology plays an important role in the advancement of technology according to an article he recently wrote. He believes that it is impossible to cut the link between the advancement of technology and that of medicine. He states how the growth of digital technology in the Silicon Valley have opened previously unexplored areas in the healthcare sector. Jorge Moll believes that such advancements can be replicated in Brazil to improve their own health sector by having more partnerships between these two industries. Watch this video on Youtube.

Jorge Moll recently made a presentation on Health trends and the impact of Hospitals management. He has been the leader of the D’Or network from a small examination to what it has grown into today. Having such experience warrants him the right to speak about Hospital management. The network began in Rio de Janeiro in the 70s when the city was a hub of medicine but things started to deteriorate because most institutions were public institutions. He states that he witnessed the poor quality offered by these institutions and that is where the idea to build his own brand came to him. He started his practice with the aim of offering quality service and also retain their clients. Visit Jorge’s profile on facebook.com.

Jorge Moll through his company recently ventured into one of the most interesting hospitals they have ever invested in. The Star Cup as it is referred to is not only an exclusive hospital but also a five star hotel. Their target with this project is the patients in the country who want exclusive and unique services when they are ill. The first of this concept was made in Rio but there are plans to take this concept to the whole country to improve the level of healthcare provided. The rooms in the hospital resemble those in five star hotels complete with wall paintings. Jorge is also known for the several voluntary works he has been involved in and his encouragement for people all over Brazil to get more involved in such work.

Read: http://www.fehosul.org.br/fehosul/paulo-chapchap-e-jorge-moll-apresentam-visoes-inovadoras-da-gestao-empreendedora-em-saude/

Louis the Legend

He is called a business wizard by many. Executives in corporations refer to him as the legend. Professors of economics beg him to come to their class and lecture on business practices. This legend is none other than Louis Chenevert, the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation.

Chenevert was always destined to be a businessman. He grew up in the Ontario province of Canada, and during that time he idolized those who went to the University of Montréal and attended their business affiliate school HEC. He would attend here and receive a degree as a production manager. This was the strong foundation he needed to continue training to become a CEO. Visit Bloomberg.com to know more.

After he finished his time at university, Louis Chenevert would continue on to work for General Motors as a production supervisor. Here, he would look over the Pontiac brand to ensure they met General Motors quality standards. Chenevert happily took this job since it proved to be great beginners work in the ways of the CEO. He would work here for a decade and a half before being offered the president-elect role at Pratt & Whitney.

When Chenevert arrived at Pratt & Whitney he would train underneath the current president for six years before assuming that position. Once he took over as president, he did a wonderful job at securing military contracts which raised the stock value of Pratt & Whitney by 30%.

Having successfully worked for Pratt & Whitney, the United Technologies Corporation would come knocking on his door. They offered him the role of Chief Executive Officer along with a compensation package of $26 million. Chenevert was more than happy to serve them. Read more at Forbes.com.

Chenevert got to work immediately at UTC. His first order of business was to stabilize the profits that had been destroyed due to the global recession. This was accomplished by purchasing several companies that allowed UTC to offset its deficit.

His next order of business was to reduce the environmental fines they were suffering each year. The simple solution was to abide by Canadian environmental regulations.

This history made him a the business legend.


Business revolutionist Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a man that wears many hats when it comes to the tremendous progress he has done in the business sector. The executive officer and the co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, a SAAS firm that he started in 2015. After two decades of carrying out business activities, he is a successful business owner, an entrepreneur, investor, and, mentor. He attended the University of Scranton in 1981 and graduated with a degree in economics and finance. Then later in the year 1993 graduated with an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago. With this two academic qualifications, Glen started a successful career in business for the past two decades. Read more on affiliatedork.com.

His success in business is seen as many come to him for advisory ideas on how to start doing business. In his career, he has also founded the Nova Four and was awarded the best Growth Leadership position by the director of the company. In his long career as a businessman, Glen Wakeman prides on the many achievements he has. He has revolutionized the business sector with a total number of over 1700 staff on board and a net-worth of $18biliion. The massive support that he has offered to the growth of business include, start-ups for businesses, an excellent strategy for entering new markets, ideas of how to grow potential small businesses to big ones. In his achievement as a leader, he deploys five essential skills to the performance of the business; executive, governance, risk management, leadership, and human resource.

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Having aided the achievement of many companies, he now blogs on issues affecting the current business market. On his blog post, he shares information on innovation, transformational business, angel raising, and international investing opportunities. His ideas of matching funds with what he does has led him to a successful career path. He gives advice on management, emerging issues, transformation business, and capital financing. As a mentor, he is training the low-level executives on how to rise on the global scale of the market. He has lived in several states and carried out business activities in thirty different companies. All this experience has made him be recognized worldwide for his executive function in the business world. He now receives global recognition as an executive businessman. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Premier Gazette.

Eli Gershkovitch And The Growth of Canadian Beer

Picky beer drinkers are almost unctuous to their favorite type of beer. They want something specific from their beer, and so they don’t just drink any type of beer in the market. In this article, we will talk a little bit about Canadian Craft Beer in the market and the involvement of a man named Eli Gershkovitch. Shall we start?

The Pursuit of Great Craft Beer

There are so many things you should know about Canadian Draft Beer, and one of them would be the fact that there is right now what is called the Canada’s Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act. It’s a form of tax that puts a limit on how much craft beers can be created by one company. Despite the challenges, it’s good to know that there are still people like Eli Gershkovitch who are up to the challenge and passion to create the best brand of beer today. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at Ottawa Citizen.

Eli Gershkovitch: The Man Behind The Dream

Eli Gershkovitch is the lawyer entrepreneur who is behind the Steamworks Group of Companies. Eli Gershkovitch is the CEO who is able to offer the best ideas and execution in the Craft Business industry. His expertise has led him to many recognition and accolades that it’s not easy to imagine him as the man behind many masterpiece beer brands today. He’s also the creative engine behind the different beer networks in Canada. Read this article at westender.com.

His network of beer distribution channels all throughout Canada makes him one of the most exciting businessmen to deal with in Canada. With Eli Gershkovitch’s passion for the beer brand, it’s not hard to see him develop new beer brands that will take the craft into a higher level. The country is filled with a growing beer scene, and with Eli Gershkovitch ‘s involvement, it’s still even going to grow higher.

You would also probably like the fact that Eli is a known pilot int he industry. Even with his expertise, he’s still able to push himself to follow where his heart is, which is to develop beer. Indeed, Being a lawyer and a pilot doesn’t stop him from pushing his life to the limits.

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Waiakea Water, Taste the Volcano

The water industry is a booming mass of corporate thirst quenching. Estimates say that bottled water is worth $100 billion across the globe. The number one consumers in the world? That record goes to the Italians. They are the leading nation of bottled water consumption. With so much on the table, it’s a tough field to compete in. Many consumers still like to get free water from their sink, but in an evolving world, it’s far more popular to grab a fresh bottle of filtered water. To keep up with competition, many companies try to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market. The best companies tout mineral water from fresh springs or a state-of-the-art filtration system. Watch this video on Youtube.

The most popular water company in Hawaii, Waiakea Water, is bottled and produced from fresh springs in the lush mountains. The natural environment is free of pollutants and contaminants. The water is free to thrive and when you drink it, you can taste the freshness. The name Waiakea means broad waters. The best part about this water is that it comes from a volcano. The volcanic rock filters the water as it flows down into the springs of the valley. After running through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock, Waiakea Water is bottled fresh from the source.


Keeping in tradition of preserving the environment and respect for the earth we live on, Waiakea Water bottles their water in fully degradable plastic bottles. Their company has been certified Carbon Neutral and they make regular donations to local nonprofits that support the community. The environmentally friendly water bottles will break down in only fifteen years. Regular water bottles take over 1,000 years to degrade!

You can easily see how important Waiakea Water is for the earth and for our health. The responsibility shown by this leading water bottling company is commendable. Most companies take the water and leave waste in their wake. Maybe, if more companies adopt this model of business, our earth will be saved and we can expect to live longer, fuller lives. It’s always nice to have a sip of water; try Waiakea Water. Read more articles on Affiliate Dork.

Refreshing EOS Review

EOS vegan crystal lip balms are clear and made with all natural ingredients. The beeswax that is in the original EOS lip balm products is removed from this new line. However, the flavor is still present as well as the protective qualities that the lip balm offers. The price is affordable, and the small round containers can be purchased online and in numerous retail stores. The Hibiscus Peach lip balm smells just like a bushel of fresh peaches with a hint of vanilla and hibiscus flowers. It’s a refreshing smell that is ideal for the spring and summer months. Vanilla Orchid is another flavor in the vegan line that is refreshing and pleasant. Neither flavor is too strong upon smelling or while it’s on the lips, check also review here on thedermreview.com.

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EOS is a company that offers lip balms that are made with natural ingredients. Vitamin E keeps the lips healthy, and shea butter offers a softness for the lips to keep them from cracking. All of the lip balms are packaged in a way that is easy to open and fun to look at and hold.

There are a few different types of lip balm offered by EOS. The organic balm is the most popular, buy here. The company also offers shimmer lip balms as well as medicated products.

Have a quick glance of this incredible video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc.


EOS Crystal Vegan Free Lip Balm Sells Out In Record Time

When talk is a circling around in the cosmetic field about lip balm, you know its going to be a big announcement. Evolution of Smooth has been out for some time and with each new addition to the line, the EOS brand is showing us that they know what they are doing. With their latest addition, the vegan free crystal line is just the latest addition to show that they have the right idea about learning to create new lip balms. For the people who love EOS, this is just another one that they have to have in their collections.

The new addition however is changing how people feel about the line because it has removed something very important from the previous formula. The previous formula included the use of bees wax and for vegans, this is not something they want to put on their lips.

With the removal of the bees wax, this is not the only thing they did different with the new release. They also opted to change the shape slightly from the original sphere. The slightest change in the shape is still enough of a change for others to want to purchase it. The other added change was the clear, crystal appearance in the lip balm. Read more cool EOS product review here on thedermreview.com.

According to usmagazine.com, the new crystal appearance is contributed to the shape of the lip balm. Being able to see through the lip balm and the shape, it resembles a gemstone. This addition to the line joins the other flavors of EOS. The main reason people choose to purchase EOS is partly due to the flavors they offer but also because they offer their products for a low cost compared to other brands. When the new introduction was brought out and stocked on the shelves, they sold out in record time. The shelves in the local stores are not the only place that sold out quickly, so did the virtual stores that carries the products.

The information that was given by EOS, the stores that carried the crystal vegan lip balm, there was a mass rush to purchase the lip balm and once it was gone, they had to wait for more to be shipped. Purchase here!

See also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc.

EOS & Its Lip Balm Revolution

The oral care industry is one of the most popular industries in the world. There are literally hundreds of products that fall under this exclusive category, but the lip balms actually stand out amongst its counterparts. Chapstick and Burst Bees have dominated the scene for nearly a century, but today is a new day. Evolution of Smooth is the brand of choice for most people, especially for those who are between the ages of 25 to 35. The all-new Vegan Crystal lip balm is the most dynamic lip balm product of all-time thanks to its brilliant attributes, check also this related site, thedermreview.com. This hot, new product is loaded with antioxidants, it’s packed with essential organic oils, and it’s sold at affordable pricing.

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Vegan Crystal has set the industry on fire. The brand’s social media presence is astounding thanks to its millions of followers. As of now, EOS has an estimated net-worth of $250 million, and it sells around 1 million units every week. Vegan Crystal lip balms come in the flavors of Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach, see here. This instant-bestseller has been wiped clean off the retailors shelves. Thanks to the enormous attention, EOS will surely bring more flavors to the market in the near future. Many of today’s hottest celebrities use the products faithfully. This includes Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian. Singer Taylor Swift is the brand’s Asian-market spokeswoman and Singer Britney Spears has advertised the lip balms in her music videos.

Evolution of Smooth is simply outclassing every other brand in its class. The brand gives you plenty of flavors to choose from, and it offers you a ton of health benefits. All in all, this brand is the leader of the pack, but who knows what the future will hold in the coming years.

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Lime Crime on the big screen

Riverdale’s star, Cheryl, is always sporting a fierce look with her classic red lips. Her look has be something so expensive we couldn’t dream of pulling it off but, that’s not the case. Cheryl is in fact wearing Lime Crimes Red velvet lip color. Who knew? This lip color is from Lime Crimes matte velvetine collection which comes in other lovely pigments along side the gorgeous red. Lime Crimes matte velvetine collection is everything proof; no smudging and kiss proof. I call that a win-win!

LimeCrime features pocket candy palettes that showcase five colors in each set that would go great with Cheryl’s Red matte velvetine. The pink lemonade palette would be my pick to go with her bright red lips. This pocket candy palette features some soft pinks, neutrals, and a dark red like color that would work well with bright red lips to complete Cheryl’s look. Red lips and a fierce outfit go together very well. If Cheryl wore something like a leopard dress or something sexy with her Lime Crime red matte lips it would really pull together her look.

Lime Crime has lots of beautiful products that’d make any look even better. Lime Crime just released their new diamond dew colors that are magnificent. Lime Crime has a color called burgundy iridescent that would make their red matte velvetine lip color even more exciting. Lime Crimes diamond dew colors are actually eye shadow colors that you could put over top of any lip color to give it more of a pop. Doesn’t every woman love some glitter in their life? of course.

All the diamond dew colors are gorgeous and could add a little extra to any look you wish to achieve even for our Riverdale star Cheryl. Lime Crime offers many lovely pigments and makeup options for anyone whether you’re a star on television or just a mom looking for something to spice up your daily look. Add some Lime Crime to your beauty collection.