EOS Review – The Evolution of Lip Balms in the Vegan World

Lip Balms are a very hot topic among girls and women in the world of fashion and beauty. They are essential for appearance, glamour and to combine and match the color of your lips with your look. It is a crucial part of your appearance when deciding what to wear!

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If you know your lip balms, you know that Evolution of Smooth is one of the dominating brands in the market, or EOS as their fans like to call them.

EOS have released some of the top lip balms in the industry, but they are also innovators by heart, having released, in September of 2017, the vegan lip balm, a brand new invention to combine fashion with the philosophy of vegans and vegetarians, view here. It is 100% free of any ingredients or products that come from animals, making it a very important step towards a good relationship between the cosmetics industry and nature.

After their announcement, you can for certain guess that every vegan has gone crazy with the new lip balms for vegans. They are also of very high quality, having almost no difference in quality or consistency. The clear vegan crystal flavored lip balm is the biggest of the announcements and the one that has attracted the biggest audience when it comes to positive feedback. It seems like EOS have made another very efficient marketing decision.

The success of the Lip Balms of the brand Evolution of Smooth has increased by such a significant margin that shelves in stores are emptying faster than the production and delivery rate of their balms. It is crazy! The EOS has a massive loyal customer base and the decision to make products for vegans to attend a bigger audience was made when listening to the feedback and commentaries of their faithful clients and consumers, see products here on makeupalley.com.

That was just one innovation from EOS among many others. What other impressive design do they have in store for us for the future?

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