Connection Between Coffee Intake and Prolonged Life

Annals Internal Medicine published reports indicating that coffee consumption could minimize heart diseases and stroke. The illnesses are known to be a severe life threat, and the printed new studies show their connection to coffee. Several studies have revealed coffee contributions to individual health, both positives, and negatives.

A study that sampled 185,000 Americans confirmed the benefits of coffee on Japanese Americans, Whites, African Americans, and Latinos. Whether caffeinated or decaffeinated, drinking coffee recorded reduced risks of diabetes, kidney diseases, stroke, heart diseases and cancer. According to the lead author of the research Veronica Setiawan, coffee has health benefits to everyone. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

Drinking two to three cups a day reduces chances of death by 18%. The study compares the results to those who do not consume coffee for 16 years. Setiawan reports that drinking coffee and living a longer life have a connection. However, taking coffee will not guarantee prolonged life.

A similar connection was reported in a study conducted across 10 European countries where over 520,000 people were surveyed. The results indicated that those who drank coffee daily recorded reduced risks of death. Though the study stated this connection, researchers were not in a position to confirm the reasons why coffee has these benefits.


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