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A Coworking Space Just Might Be Ideal For You


So what is this new phenomena called coworking space? It’s the new way to go to work that combines stay-at-home jobs with commuting jobs, in a manner of speaking. Most people who rent out coworking spaces are usually self-employed or small business startup people, although there are traditional businesses who sometimes rent out coworking spaces if it’s necessary for an employee’s field work. The main reasons why people use coworking spaces are that they usually like to get into a routine of going somewhere to work, building up a clientele network or recruiting workers, or if their job includes talking over the phone a lot they may need a space for that.

So are coworking spaces really worth it? It all depends really on what your job is, the kind of environment you come across in a coworking space facility, and the costs you might incur both from renting and commuting to your coworking space. You are never obligated to be at your coworking space and can take the day off any time you wish. Usually you can also find snack bars or coffee shops around the coworking facility, and some might have exercise and yoga rooms, or lounge areas and billiards for after hours.

In fact it’s only blocks away from Times Square and Wall Street which makes it easy to access if using the metro or other public transportation. Workville is equipped with just about every luxury you could ask for in a coworking facility, whether you want a furnished closed office space or an open work lounge. Workville has WiFi, mail service, cleaning staff, printers and copiers, and you can access the building at any hour of the day. They also have conference rooms that can be reserved for meetings, open house events, but you can also reserve spaces for private parties. If you want to see more of what Workville has to offer you, you can call them up today to schedule a tour, or you can go online and fill out a tour request form at