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EOS Lip Balm’s new balm shines in debut

The ubiquitous round gloss that blew up in popularity half a decade ago has a new balm that’s sleeker and more sophisticated than it’s predecessor. eos Lip Balm introduced a new product, Crystal Lip Balm in August, with a glossy look and an updated, angular exterior. The sophisticated new look, along with a new formula that is vegan and wax-free is bound to attract as much attention as the spherical balm did when it first launched, see this. Featuring several essential oils including avocado, shea and coconut, it’s moisturizing without being sticky or greasy. Currently, Crystal Lip Balm is available in two flavors: a sweet, floral Vanilla Orchid and fruity Hibiscus Peach. It retails for $5.49 at drugstores like Target, Walmart, Walgreens and CVS nationwide. You may also buy it online here on

According to, the evolution of eos products should come as no surprise considering how the brand has surpassed both Chapstick and Blistex in popularity. While the brand also makes hand and body lotion with equally clever packaging and a popular line of shaving cream, it’s been the lip balms that brought the brand attention and acclaim in magazines like Cosmo and Allure and from influencers and bloggers on social media.

This newest product, with it’s vegan formula, is likely to continue to drive the brand’s popularity, as the global lip care industry predicts significant increases in revenue and a growing category of consumers seeking natural and organic products.

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