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A Brief History of Lip Balm and the Evolution of Smooth

Believe it or not, there’s a history to lip balm. For those who still remember, lip balm didn’t use to be…well…lip balm. While other products had flashy cases and wonderful flavors, lip balm was the one thing that remained unwanted in Christmas Stockings and Swap Meets. Lip Balm was yellow, white, or even grey. Marketers didn’t realize that women used lip balm the most…they simply weren’t who it was made for.


But then came EOS lip balm. EOS stands for “Evolution of Smooth,” a brand that the Kline firm marked as the second most popular lip balm in the United States. It sells 1 mission units a week and is a global brand, even if it didn’t use to be. Once it was a start-up firm. Sanjiv Mehra and partner Jonathan Teller realized that there was a need in lip balm that wasn’t being met. They met it, read more.

Based on, they introduced vibrant packaging, exotic flavors, and unmatched quality different from the previous mass-produced “chapstick.” As cofounder Teller says “It appeared to us that everybody in this category was being lazy. That was an opportunity.”

Now EOS lip balm comes not only in crystal flavors, but vegan crystal flavors. You can purchase EOS balms chock full of skin specialist recommended elements that provide healthier and more vibrant lips all at prices affordable for every woman, check it here at Used are only organic ingredients to provide a clear alternative to the cheap, bland chapstick of the past.

…And that is a brief history of lip balm.