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EOS Crystal Vegan Free Lip Balm Sells Out In Record Time

When talk is a circling around in the cosmetic field about lip balm, you know its going to be a big announcement. Evolution of Smooth has been out for some time and with each new addition to the line, the EOS brand is showing us that they know what they are doing. With their latest addition, the vegan free crystal line is just the latest addition to show that they have the right idea about learning to create new lip balms. For the people who love EOS, this is just another one that they have to have in their collections.

The new addition however is changing how people feel about the line because it has removed something very important from the previous formula. The previous formula included the use of bees wax and for vegans, this is not something they want to put on their lips.

With the removal of the bees wax, this is not the only thing they did different with the new release. They also opted to change the shape slightly from the original sphere. The slightest change in the shape is still enough of a change for others to want to purchase it. The other added change was the clear, crystal appearance in the lip balm. Read more cool EOS product review here on

According to, the new crystal appearance is contributed to the shape of the lip balm. Being able to see through the lip balm and the shape, it resembles a gemstone. This addition to the line joins the other flavors of EOS. The main reason people choose to purchase EOS is partly due to the flavors they offer but also because they offer their products for a low cost compared to other brands. When the new introduction was brought out and stocked on the shelves, they sold out in record time. The shelves in the local stores are not the only place that sold out quickly, so did the virtual stores that carries the products.

The information that was given by EOS, the stores that carried the crystal vegan lip balm, there was a mass rush to purchase the lip balm and once it was gone, they had to wait for more to be shipped. Purchase here!

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