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End Citizens United Encourages Collective Participation

The Super Political Action Committees in the United States are destroying the country’s electoral system as they keep investing in the future of the nation in a manner that does not benefit all citizens. For instance, corporates invest in politicians who take up seats and end up allowing big companies to conduct shoddy businesses without monitoring.

Political Action Committees such as End Citizens United are out to ensure that the vice that is creeping into the society is plucked away, and all people can benefit from the leaders that they put into office. Republicans appear to advocate for the continuous use of Big Money in the political field. Tiffany Muller is the president of End Citizens United, and her actions are directed against those who are being supported by Super Political Actions Committees.

Instead of collecting finance from huge companies, Tiffany Muller intends to bring in the citizen’s donations, and ensure that they invest in what they will get. End Citizens United is making a significant impact in the society, and it is slowly pushing away the super PAC’s. Jason Crow is one of the beneficiaries of End Citizens United, and for sure, he is advancing the mission of the organization. Jason is campaigning against Mike Coffman who has greatly benefited from the Super PAC’s.

Since 2008, Mike has received more than $1.7 million from different Super Political Action Committees. Jason has been working hard to ensure the adoption of an amendment to the constitution, which will shut down all Super Political Action Committees that benefit Republican leaders. Jason Crow believes that protecting the law is the duty of any elected politician. Therefore, he stands firm to preserve the integrity of the nation by preventing the interference of the constitution by Super Political Action Committees.

Putting the interests of corporates ahead of those who work hard to provide the tax that is used to sustain the economic growth of a country it destructive, and the people living within any nation should not be subjected to such treatment. End Citizens United is growing massively, and more individuals are continually signing up to be members of the PAC.

According to Tiffany Muller, most of the Republican supporters have realized that they are not benefiting from those who they elected into Congress. Initially, most of them supported their counterpart congressmen and women without any knowledge of the repercussions that would be forthcoming. End Citizens United is campaigning for the election of Jason Crow into Congress through the support of its 6400 members. For more info  about us: click here.

Additionally, it intends to take advantage of the 360,000 donors who will provide a suitable network across the congressional region. Such a move will enable the PAC to prove that it is time for a change in the political system.