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Understand About The Chap Behind Citizens United

James Bopp is a white haired lawyer popularly known for having lost terribly in a 2008 case. James appeared before a three-judge panel in Washington DC to defend his client, a small non-profit agency named Citizens United. The organization had filmed a production for the period of the Democratic presidential primaries with the aim of exposing Hillary Clinton as a “European socialist, “and a callous political traitor.

The movie would also go on to accuse Bill Clinton of kissing some character in the white house. Basically, Citizens United aimed at chipping away the campaign-finance policies. Two years later they went to court, and the previous ruling was reversed. The court bought most of Bopp’s arguments where they gave power to corporations allowing them to act like average voters.

End Citizens United is Committed to Fighting for the Public’s Interests

By reversing Lamberth’s ruling, the Supreme Court invited a whole stream of selfish interests by the said corporations. That decision has extensively affected the landscape of the American elections. Wealthy individuals like the Koch brothers can comfortably pour black money in the electoral finance sector and manipulate it for their selfish gains. By declaring that “corporations are people,” the Supreme Court only injured the interests of the everyday American. There is a big loophole brought about by the presence of billionaires who are willing to pour unlimited bucks just to protect their special interests. End Citizens United, on the other hand, is a people-centered political action agency that is set to counter Citizens United.

Measures Being Implemented to End Citizens United

Grassroots donors have shown great willingness to support End Citizens United. As said, this movement is unstoppable, and they are devoted to putting an end to the grievous consequences of reforming the campaign funding system. Their primary goal is to change the rigged and opinionated system. End Citizens United is pursuing their goals by electing champions who will drive their campaigns fearlessly. The appointed leaders are to elevate the matter to national levels so that the entire nation gets to understand about the presence of unaccounted for money in the political campaign system. During the first quarter of this year, they raised over $ 4million, and they anticipate to collect over $35 million before 2018 midterm ballot vote.

More to End Citizen United’ Commitment

The Supreme Court’s decision degraded a century’s worth of law enacted with the aim of mitigating the level of corruption in the electoral system. Someone seeing from an informed angle will tell you without fear of contradiction that the ruling was merely naïve and inconsiderate of America’s well-being. That is why the Democrats have also joined in the fight against Citizens United. There is hope with these Democrats at the helm because most of them have steered meaningful change in the past.