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Goettl Provides Expert Money-Saving AC Tips

Established HVAC leader Goettl has a lot to offer customer and residents who besides just their stellar service technicians who work hard to repair and install air conditioning systems in a myriad of service areas located throughout the Northern California area. They also have expert tips which can help save money and beat the heat during some of the hottest months of summer which are on the way. Following some of this advice is sure to save some cash on the bill.


So, what are these expert tips to help maximize cooling system efficiency and save the dough? The first tip is to weatherize the home so that the cooling system does not have to overexert itself due to inefficiency which can cause a loss of that cooled air. Replacing old insulation and sealing any gaps with the proper caulking and weather-stripping material will go a long way towards helping the cause. A second great tip is to keep the air conditioning unit in the shade so that it will not have to work as hard since cool air will be surrounding it. This can be accomplished through planning before an installation is done or even by planting trees or erecting other shade-giving structures to provide the needed cover.


In the same way, a thermostat needs to stay out of the heat so that the AC unit is not tricked into thinking that this is the temperature of the entire home. Be careful to avoid allowing direct sunlight, bright lights, or other artificial heat sources from intervening and causing confusion at the thermostat.


All of these tips will help in the long run to save a ton of money. Of course, Goettl Air Conditioning is still continuing to pioneer as they have been doing since 1939. They are one of the most trusted names in the industry and can be called upon to take care of any problems that arise by servicing quickly and efficiently.